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So, who am I? Well a British Army Veteran. This was me in 1975/76 in Belfast. I was 20 years old at the time but perhaps you can understand why I feel I have the right to my own opinion and don't bow down to Cultural Marxism or Political Correctness as it's commonly called. Ironically I served in the Cold War and was stationed in Germany, primarily to defend the West against Communism, while all the time they were infiltrating the home land in the unions, the teaching profession, journalism and even in government and government departments. I'm not just an artist but a man of principles and honour.

I'm the one front left. This was taken at Ashford Police Training College after I left the Army. I only spent two years as a British Transport Police Officer. I loved the job at the time but getting married to someone arrested for burglary wasn't good for the career. (Now ex wife!) I was bitter nor many years afterwards. I eventually joined London Ambulance Service and later made the mistake of Transferring to Dorset. After 10 years service I quit. Enough was enough. The job had made me ill, I developed diverticular disease and PTSD. I think by then I'd had my fill of death.

I wouldn't want to be a Police Officer today, they are mere government pawns enforcing the Cultural Marxism that is destroying the country, they are corrupt and inefficient.

So here I am many years later. This is Ellie, my Granddaughter, she's growing up fast, no longer a baby in arms. I don't get to see her very much and now I have a Grandson I haven't seen at all yet. Living in Spain as an artist is difficult and not very financially rewarding, so going home to visit is rare. I also have 4 stray dogs I've taken in over the years, so I can only go home when my wife is here. She is my greatest support. I'd probably be a tramp on the streets if it weren't for her help, but to earn enough, she has to go and work in the UK for up to 4 weeks at a time.

I am an angry person, a lot makes me angry, nothing more so than animal cruelty, hunters and the stupidity of so many people. I loath politicians and see them as the lowest form of life, but I turn my anger into passion and I create art. Some of it is quite dark. It often reflects my inner self I think and some of the inspiration I have comes from strange places such as a comic I read as a child.
This shot was taken here in Spain a couple of years ago. I love wearing a cilt (kilt) although I'm not Scottish. I was born in Kent, but my maternal Grandfather's family were Powell's and therefore I have Welsh ancestry. The cilt (There is no K in the Welsh language) has started to be worm in Wales in the past few years, it is rare but it is there. It is the most comfortable garment I've ever worn. I wear it partly to honour my ancestors, which as a heathen (I'm a Druid but with a Germanic as well as Celt influence) is important but mainly for comfort and I think it looks good. I suppose I'm a bit eccentric.

However I haven't worn one for a couple of years as I put on so much weight, I wasn't able to strap it on. Now, though I'm rapidly loosing the weight and will resume wearing the kilt in a couple of weeks.

So that's a potted history if you like. I'm bad tempered, don't suffer fools or snowflakes gladly, love dogs, hate hunters and animal cruelty, but channel my anger into art. You will have no trouble doing business with me, unless you're a bleeding heart liberal!